🇮🇳 #INDIA: Could ‘Eurovision India’ Be In The Planning?

Voxovation, who are responsible for the international formats of the Eurovision Song Contest, such as the American Song Contest, are proposing a possible ‘Eurovision India’.

Voxovation has stated that with 28 states and 8 territories, India is like a continent with all the states and territories having their own individual cultural identities. Voxovation had the following to say on the proposed format:

“India will bring more diversity, genres of music, passion and spectacle than a competition between countries in most regions of the world.

Eurovision India will become one of the cornerstones of that music scene. In the Eurovision Universe it is hard to imagine something more exciting than the passion and drama of the Eurovision Song Contest expressed in the imaginative and excessively flamboyant way that only India and Bollywood presents its entertainment.”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix World

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