🇩🇰 #DENMARK: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix To Remain For 2024

DR, the Danish national broadcaster, has vowed to stick with Dansk Melodi Grand Prix for 2024, despite three consecutive non-qualifications.

Following Thursday’s latest non-qualification, Erik Struve Hansen, DR’s Head of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, had the following to say about a potential change to an internal selection:

“No, I can’t imagine that. There are so many traditions around Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, and it is one of the most watched programs of its kind in Denmark over the course of an entire year.

It has been a tradition that we have gathered around for decades, and I think it can do a lot of things in its own right as a large, unifying event around which we meet and have opinions about. It would be a shame to tinker.

We are already in the process of looking at what strategy we will have for next year’s Grand Prix musically. That work already started before Eurovision, and we will continue with it.”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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