🇫🇷 #JESC23: The Slogan Is “Heroes”

During the Press Conference held by the BBC and the EBU yesterday evening, Alexandra Redde of France Télévisions, providing an update for the 2023 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in Nice.

Before we go into the details, you can watch the slogan reveal below:

Video: YouTube/EBU

Alexandra Redde of France Télévisions, had the following to say:

“Some serious topics like the environmental theme were extremely present in many songs of the last contest, and the children are the real Heroes of tomorrow, and they are the ones who have the solutions. So we wanted to let them empower themselves!

Nice is absolutely unique. It’s a cosmopolitan city open to the world, which has been recognised by the international community and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2021.

I’m keeping a few surprises in store for you, particularly in terms of the stage and artwork, but just like in 2021, we want to offer delegations an exceptional set design for expression, and allow the brand to continue to flourish as all these wonderful artists will do on our Nice stage.”

While it was hinted strongly during the Press Conference that we will see at least one debuting country in Nice, Alexandra also had the following to say:

“It’s so important that the Junior Eurovision becomes powerful… If I could have 30 countries in the Junior Eurovision it would be amazing!”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: junioreurovision.tv

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