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🇳🇱 #NETHERLANDS: Regio Songfestival Launches

The thirteen regional broadcasters in The Netherlands have launched the Regio Songfestival for 2023.

Taking place on Saturday 4th November, at 20:30 CET, the Contest will be held at the Stadsschouwburg, in Utrecht and will be similar to the Eurovision Song Contest format. The winning region will go on to hold the 2024 edition and will be chosen by a combination of a public vote, regional juries & a professional jury.

The selection methods have been left to be decided by each regional broadcaster. The thirteen regions and their broadcasters are:

  • Friesland – Omrop Fryslân
  • Groningen – RTV Noord
  • RTV Drenthe – Winner of Drèents Liedtiesfestival
  • Overijssel – RTV Oost
  • Gelderland – Omroep Gelderland
  • Utrecht – RTV Utrecht
  • Flevoland – Omroep Flevoland
  • Noord-Holland – NH – Selection to be organised
  • Zuid-Holland – Rijnmond
  • Zuid-Holland – Omroep West
  • Zeeland – Omroep Zeeland – Currently determining selection method
  • Noord-Brabant – Omroep Brabant
  • Limburg – L1

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix World

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