Eurovision 2021

🇬🇧 #ESC23: 111 Locations For This Year’s Postcards

This morning, the BBC, the British national broadcaster, has released extensive details regarding the Postcards for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, in Liverpool.

Designed to introduce the audience to each participating act, the famous Postcards will this year use pioneering drone technology and 360-degree cameras to take viewers seamlessly between locations across Ukraine, the UK, and each participating country.

In each Postcard, the three locations from each country are connected by the same theme including parks, castles, street art, ports, colourful buildings, beaches, rivers, and lakes.

Across the 37 Postcards, an incredible 111 different locations are featured – making this year’s creative concept the most varied and well-travelled yet.

Windfall Films were commissioned following a competitive tender to produce the Postcards. They worked in collaboration with Ukrainian film production company 23/32 Films, who organised shoots and secured aerial filming permits for the portions of each Postcard featuring locations in Ukraine. For the Postcards from each participating country, local production crews were used where possible.

Each Postcard is set to music from compositions by Dmytro Shurov, a Ukrainian musician and composer based in Kyiv.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: BBC

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