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📊 #BETTING ODDS: How Do The 2023 Odds Look On April 9th?

The 2023 National Final season, for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, has concluded. While the Preview Party season is now under way, we will continue to take a look at the betting odds on a weekly basis.

So who are the Top 10 as of April 9th?

There has been some movement in the Top 10 again this week. The United Kingdom and France have swapped places. While they are the Top 10, where does Ireland feature? Ireland currently feature 30th out of 37th in the list of competing countries and therefore, having dropped four places – which would suggest another chance of non-qualification for the Grand Final on May 13th.

We will be back every Sunday between now and Eurovision fortnight, exploring the movements of competing countries within the Top 10, as well as Ireland. Let us know what you think about the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest – either in the comments below or on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Oddschecker

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