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🇱🇹 #LITHUANIA: Pabandom iš naujo! 2023 Heat Two Running Order Revealed

LRT, the Lithuanian national broadcaster, has revealed the running order for the second Heat of Pabandom iš naujo! 2023.

Heat Two of Pabandom iš naujo! 2023 takes place this Saturday, at 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET. The running order is:

  1. Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys – “Sėdi ir važiuoji” (Sit down and drive)
  2. I. T. – “Žinau, tai tu” (I know it’s you)
  3. Donata – “Dreamer”
  4. Matt Len – “Midnight Train”
  5. Melona – “Song of Whispers”
  6. Monika Linkytė – “Stay”
  7. The PiXLS – “Šaukt” (Shout out)
  8. Viktorija Faith – “If You Ever Miss Me”
  9. Agnė – “New Start”
  10. Gebrasy – “Saw Your Ghost”
  11. MoonBee – “Rumor”
  12. Voldemaras Petersonas – “Things”
  13. Petunija – “Love of My Life”
  14. Beatrich – “Like a Movie”
  15. Mario Junes – “Do What You Do”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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