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🇱🇹 #LITHUANIA: Pabandom iš naujo! 2023 Heat One Running Order Revealed

LRT, the Lithuanian national broadcaster, has revealed the running order for the first Heat of Pabandom iš naujo! 2023.

Heat One of Pabandom iš naujo! 2023 takes place this Saturday, at 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET. The running order is:

  1. Aistė Pilvelytė – “We’re Not Running”
  2. Joseph June – “Vacuum”
  3. Il Senso – “Sparnai” (Wings)
  4. W.I – “You Can Not”
  5. Multiks – “London”
  6. Luknė – “Paradise”
  7. Gabrielius Vagelis – “Šauksmas” (Shout)
  8. Alen Chicco – “Do You”
  9. Rūta MUR – “So Low”
  10. Justin 3 feat. Dj AugustYno – “Not Giving Up”
  11. Baiba – “When the Lights Go Out”
  12. NOY – “Destiny’s Child”
  13. Justa Rubežiūtė – “When I’ll Find”
  14. Paulina Paukštaitytė – “Let Me Think About Me”
  15. Justė Kraujelytė – “Need More Fun”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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