⭐️ #2022: James’ Highlights Of The Past Twelve Months

I reached out to the Eurovision Ireland team to discover three key highlights of their 2022. First up is James!

Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Any Eurovision has plenty of highlights and 2022 was no exception! Turin put on a spectacular show and although some “fans” complained about the stage and the sun not revolving, I actually liked the stage and its water features! For me though, the voting segment was memorable for so many reasons… as well as being really tense and exciting, it proved to be a real gold mine for statisticians! The UK doing so well for the first time in decades and their record-extending 16th time placing 2nd, Serbia, Spain and Sweden all getting their highest scores to date, including Spain achieving their highest score since 1973… and that’s before we get on to Ukraine’s landslide victory with an astounding 28 sets of 12 points from the televote! Certain years and their voting segments get talked about a lot and I suspect 2022 will be one such year!

Video: YouTube/EBU

Eurovision Song Contest National Finals 2022

Finland’s UMK is one of my favourite national selections for Eurovision, so it’s no surprise my highlight comes from there! BESS and her rock-tastic falling out of love Ram Pam Pam was my favourite before the selection started, but seeing her belt it out on stage, pulling flowers off her costume as her backing dancers clobbered bouquets… it just made me love it all the more! It was epic!! I really hope she comes back for a future edition of UMK, I think a voice and energy like her’s could go down very well on a Eurovision stage!

Video: YouTube/UMK

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022

While it’s tempting to list Georgia’s daring and staccato staging of “I Believe” as a stand out moment of Junior Eurovision this year (because it is genius!), my highlight was actually being present at the contest and watching the final live! Yerevan was a wonderful host city and the Opening Ceremony for JESC in Republic Square with the turning on of the city’s Christmas lights was simply magical! And that’s before even setting foot in the arena! The last time I got to watch a Eurovision show in person was way back in 2018 – so it was long overdue! Everything about the show was brilliant: the atmosphere, the fans, the excitement, the flags… it was all wonderful and loved every moment!

Video: YouTube/EBU

Let us know what you think about the Team’s 2022 highlights – either in the comments below or on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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