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🇺🇦 #ESC23 #UKRAINE: Champions Week – Part 1/4

With a new representative selected for Ukraine at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest this weekend, during Vidbir 2023, let’s take a look back at the alumni that they will be joining.

Ukraine debuted at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, in Riga, Latvia. Oleksandr Ponomariov participated with “Hasta la vista”, finishing in 14th place and 30 points.

Video: YouTube/2000ESC2003

Ruslana represented Ukraine at the 2004 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in Istanbul, Turkey. She participated with “Wild Dances”, finishing in 1st place and 280 points.

Video: YouTube/EBU

GreenJolly represented Ukraine at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, in Kyiv, Ukraine. They participated with “Razom nas bahato”, finishing in 19th place and 30 points.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Tina Karol represented Ukraine at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, in Athens, Greece. She participated with “Show Me Your Love”, finishing in 7th place and 145 points.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Verka Serduchka represented Ukraine at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, in Helsinki, Finland. She participated with “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”, finishing in 2nd place and 235 points.

Video: YouTube/EBU

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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