🇺🇦 #ESC22: Kalush Orchestra To Receive A Replacement Trophy

Shortly after Kalush Orchestra received their winners trophy at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, in Turin, Italy, they sold it for $900,000, to help fund Ukraine’s effort in the war against Russia.

Kalush Orchestra have now revealed that they will receive a replacement winners trophy from the European Broadcasting Union. Kalush Orchestra now intend to tour Ukraine, allowing the Ukrainians to have a photo with the trophy.

Oleg Psyuk, leader of Kalush Orchestra, had the following to say:

“After winning the Eurovision 2022, we wanted the prize of the contest to also play a significant role to accelerate Ukraine’s victory in the war. That is why the team of Kalush Orchestra decided to auction the crystal microphone. The fact that the organisers of the contest will specifically produce a copy for us – became a pleasant surprise. Well, let’s think now about what benefit the new cup will be able to bring to our country, but first, we want every Ukrainian to be able to take a picture with this trophy. After all, this year’s victory at Eurovision is not only the victory of our band, but all Ukraine.”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: ESC Bubble

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