🇬🇧 #UK: British Film Institute To Celebrate Eurovision & The BBC At 100

As part of the British Film Institute’s events to mark ‘BBC 100 Gamechangers’, they will be devoting two sessions to the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday 22nd October 2022 at the BFI’s London Southbank.

Session One: The Eurovision Song Contest 1962

Thanks to the recent discovery of an audio copy of the BBC transmission (with commentary by David Jacobs) of this competition it has now been possible to create a near complete reconstruction of the show as originally broadcast by the BBC from 60 years ago. This screening presents a rare opportunity to see a vintage Eurovision Song Contest. From the Villa Louvigny in Luxembourg and presented by Mireille Delannoy, 16 countries compete in the seventh edition of the contest. Ronnie Carroll represents the United Kingdom with the song Ring-A-Ding Girl. Produced and Directed by Jos Pauly and René Steichen. Originally broadcast on Sunday 18th March, 1962.

Session Two: A Eurovision Extravaganza: The Changing Face Of Eurovision (Panel Discussion) plus clips.

Rarely has any television format evolved (mutated?) as much as the Eurovision Song Contest, from a straightforward friendly (black and white) competition between European nations to the modern-day, high-camp, dazzlingly colourful extravaganza that almost defies description and (bafflingly) includes Australia amongst its contestants. And recently has inspired international variants! With an array of rare archive material and pertinent clips, the panel*, hosted by Eurovision expert Gordon Roxburgh, will analyse the changing face of Eurovision. And, to finish the day in style, a bespoke compilation will capture the spirit of Eurovision over the years featuring famous hosts, unforgettable performers, OTT sets, inappropriate costumes and the increasingly elaborate interval entertainments.

Tickets for an individual session will cost £15 & £12 for concessions (£2 cheaper for BFI members). A joint ticket for both sessions will be available, with the price TBC.

Let us know what you think about the United Kingdom and the Eurovision Song Contest – either in the comments below or on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Gordon Roxburgh

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