🎉 #EI10: Our Favourite Eurovision Song Contest Winner 2012 – 2021

At the start of April, Eurovision Ireland entered its 10th anniversary year. Now that the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest and its aftermath is over, we thought it was about time we got around to celebrating. Some of the current team, along with some of our contributors, have put their thoughts together.

Today, we are looking at our favourite Eurovision Song Contest Winner from the first ten years of Eurovision Ireland.


That has to be Salvador. From the moment I first heard his song in Festival da Canção in 2017, I knew it was in with a chance. When I saw the field he was up against, it made things more and more likely. His runaway win was perfectly justified, and I remember the atmosphere in the arena when he won. I was near Portuguese who were weeping with joy. It was a truly magical moment.

Video: YouTube/EBU


There can only be one winner – Salvador! Standing in a row of grown up men, crying our eyes out – that must sum up how special a winner he is to me and a number of the others in our circle.


Favourite ESC 2012-21 winner has to be Euphoria, I Knew it would win from the moment I heard it . A modern up to date pop song with a great performer.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Phil (OnEurope)

The second song in Eurovision history to make me cry.  There are people who dislike the song because of what Salvador said after the contest but, let’s face it, he was right! – As a piece of music it is literally perfect in every way.  It makes you want to smile at the way its performed, cry at its simplicity, gasp in awe at the fact that his sister performed it a ton better in first rehearsal than anything I have seen before *or* since at this contest.  A perfect piece of music.

Roy (Eurovision Apocalypse)

I remember the precise moment that I knew this song was going to win Eurovision. It was the semi-final of FdC. Part way through Salvador’s performance I looked across the sofa to Mrs Apocalypse and she was stifling a tear. Now, she’s a hardened old goth, and so rarely do her eyes ever leak, so I got onto my favourite bookmakers and bagged Portugal to win ESC at 100/1. It’s a bit of luck that I really rather love the song too – I’m not quite THAT mercenary…

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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