🌍 #SayHi: There Will Be A 2022 #SayHi Campaign

The European Broadcasting Union have confirmed that a third consecutive #SayHi campaign will be run this November.

To ensure that as many children as possible participate in the campaign and accept the message behind it, in the weeks leading up to the common dance, the EBU will coordinate a series of actions that will increase the impact and allow children to be part of a unique event. Ireland participated in the campaign for the first time, jointly with the United Kingdom, last year.

Video: YouTube/BBC

#SayHi is an International Friendship Initiative of the EBU Kids, where children from all over Europe (and beyond) will come together with a clear message: “Say hello, be friends with someone!” to promote the values ​​of friendship, inclusion and social kindness. The #SayHi campaign builds on the successful experiences of EBU members, NRK (Norway) and VRT (Belgium), who for several years have been promoting positive messages for children with local campaigns around friendship, inclusion and combating bullying.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurofestivales

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