Eurovision 2017

#MONTENEGRO: Slavko Releases “Ko smo mi?”

Slavko returns with a new look, new sound and new single ‘Ko smo mi?’ (Who are we?) After spending time concentrating on his theatre work, and the success of the mono drama ‘Soulfood’, Slavko is back on the music scene with a new song ‘Ko smo mi?’. The song tells the story of two people who have loved each other, but something was always missing. One person felt the void in one way, the other in a different way, but it left them with questions about who they were, individually and as a couple. It’s a story that almost everyone can relate to all over the world.

“I have always been inspired by everything that is human nature, both intrinsic and that which exist on a different plane” explains Slavko. “I think that sometimes humans do not pay attention to the lives they are living. Sometimes relationships, even with those we love dearly, can become full of tension and strain; we must address the struggles within in order to find what it is that is missing.”

The single is accompanied by a beautiful video directed by Miodrag Marković and shot on location in Montenegro’s stunning Kotor Bay. The video perfectly illustrates the meaning of the song on different levels. It could be a struggle between two people as choreographed by Slavko and fellow actor Vanja Jovićević, or Slavko and Vanja could be illustrating the struggle within, portraying the conflict that one person is experiencing.

Video: YouTube/Slavko

“It’s so important to have creative people to work with on a project like this” says Slavko. “ I am delighted to have collaborated with REVVO for the music and am thankful to everyone at Studio Alpha in Novi Sad for the recording and production of the song.”

“As for the video” Slavko continues, “this was my first time collaborating and working with Mika Marković and it was a pleasure, I am of course thankful to Vukica Čabarkapa (hair & make up) and Ana Lončarević (styling with LA PYJAMA) for their contribution too, and also to Huma Hotel, Kotor Bay ( for their sponsorship and support of the video”.

The single is now available to download and/or stream on iTunes and Spotify. Stay in touch through the website or on the socials Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Lisa-Jayne Lewis

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