#FRANCE: Live blog of C’est vous qui décidez from 21.10 CET

#FRANCE: Live blog of C’est vous qui décidez from 21.10 CET

You can watch the action live HERE. All times below are in GMT.

23.02 – Thanks for staying with the blog. Goodnight from Eurovision Ireland.

23.01 – Did the right song win? Will Fulenn fo well in the Grand Final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest? Tell us what you think.

22.59 – And the winner is… Alvan & Ahez!

22.58 – Fourth with the public is Elliott (60 points, making 92). Third is Soa (80 making 140).

22.57 – Sixth with the public vote is Cyprien Zéni (20 points making 94). Fifth is Marius (40 points, making 120).

22.56 – We have the envelope with the public vote on it.

22.55 – After the jury vote…

22.48 – Alvan & Ahez lead after seven jurors. Over Marius and Pauline Chagne

22.45 – After three jurors, the top three are Alvan & Ahez, Pauline Chagne and Marius.

22.42 – Each juror gives 2, 4, 6, 8 10 and 12 points.

22.41 – The jury will cast its vote first.

22.40 – The phone lines are closed! We have a winner there somewhere.

22.39 – We get brief TikTok videos of the 13 acts performing or miming to Eurovision songs. Roi, Poupée de cire, Think about things are among the ones we see.

22.35 – Recap time, natch.

22.33 – She’s brought the house down. Last year’s runner-up still has it.

22.30 – It’s Pravi time!

22.26 – The voting lines are thrown open again. This time they will make up 50% of the final vote, with the other 50% coming from the expert jury.

22.25 – So six acts stay, and we say goodbye to six others.

22.24 – It’s Cyprien Zéni!

22.22 – One final spot goes to the jury pick. Who will that be?

22.21 – The final public spot goes to Soa!

22.19 – Elliott is through! Pauline Chagne is through!

22.18 – Marius is through! Alvan & Ahez are through!

22.17 – We have results. That was quick!

22.15 – The televoting lines have closed. We’ll shortly get the first superfinalists.

22.11 – For this part of the interval, the twelve acts are on stage singing the John Lennon classic Imagine. I’m getting goose bumps.

22.10 – We get a quick word from Jamala. She was in Germany last night, and is in Romania (I understand) tonight. Our hearts go out to her and her country.

22.06 – Naturally, because the public get to vote, there are recaps. We’re having the first now.

22.05 – That’s the songs over. The French public will select five songs for the Superfinal, The jury will select a sixth. And then we get a 50/50 mix of jury and public voting to pick a winner. All clear?

22.00 – Elliott is sat at a piano. That’s a nice change. His song is quite challenging, due to some soaring notes scattered throughout it. The piano seating seems a bit incongruous with something that wants to be a bit more dancey. But Elliott isn’t letting it. However, the second chorus picks up and the strobe lighting at the back of the stage really set it off. Finally, Elliott leaves the piano which catches fire Makemakes style. In my view, he needed to leave the piano earlier. And it needed dancers. But not a bad way to end the presentation of the songs.

21.54 – The final song tonight comes from Elliott. It’s called La tempête.

21.52 – Pauline has a small harp with her. It goes with her very sparkly outfit. The song has echoes of something from the 1980s, almost a Modern Talking song. It potentially goes for style over substance, but it’s an interesting stage show, with Pauline on a box and her dancers gyrating all over the place. The dark staging suits it too. Whilst it’s quirky, it might be just too quirky to do well tonight.

21.45 – Song 11 is Nuit Pauline, performed by Pauline Chagne.

21.43 – There’s a major difference of opinion amongst the jury here. One member is not very happy with the comments from another member.

21.42 – Cyprien has a cracking voice. His song has African vibes to it , and very summery. There’s a plethora of dancers with him who know what they’re doing. It’s definitely a foot-tapper, maybe even a floor filler.

21.37 – Song 10 comes from Cyprien Zéni. It’s called Ma famille.

21.35 – Julia performs on a large vinyl record. It’s the projection on the floor, not a real one. Her song is nicely bouncy and has a summer vibe about it. Her backing dancers are all in 1970s clothes, but it’s not really a 1970s song. There’s a lot of sympathetic choreography although to me it’s more a radio song. It’s OK, but not a winner to me.

21.29 – Song nine is Chut from Julia.

21.26 – These are a group, just to avoid confusion. It’s more a chant than a song. And there’s fire to give it that extra something. There’s much swaying, and it’s very un-French. Maybe more eastern Med. But no, it’s in Breton! The girls are very well coordinated, whilst the gentleman adds more mood and plays his instruments like nobody’s business. It’s very good and as there’s nothing else like it in the show – so far anyway – will not suffer from a split vote.

21.20- Song eight comes from Alvan & Ahez. It’s called Fulenn.

21.17 – Joanna is resplendent in red hair. And two backing dancers accompany her. There’s a nice beat to this one that draws you in. She seems slightly nervous and whilst the song has potential, it maybe, just maybe, loses its way during the second chorus. The final chorus – after the bridge – is the time to shine, but it just falls a bit flat for me. Maybe it’s something they can work on if it does well tonight.

21.11 – Song seven is Navigateure, from Joanna.

21.08 – More musical theatre here. And something vintage with a bit of swing in it. She breaks into the odd English phrase, and there are pyros too. All very nice. All very sophisticated. I quite like it, for it’s charm and the fact it’s a swing song. And she really engages with the camera – so much so there’s a glint in her eye. Very good. And very popular it seems.

21.03 – Song six is Paris mon amour, by Hélène in Paris.

21.00 – This is another slower song, with Marius starting sat on a dining chair. he then goes to a static mike stand for the second verse. It’s a very dark stage for a very heartfelt song. He makes some contact with the camera, but not as much as some. It’s a nicely done song.

20.55 – Song 5 tonight comes from Marius. It’s Les chansons d’amour.

20.52 – Elia has dancers with her. And this is an upbeat little number. Night club dancefloor fodder. And it’s not bad actually. The lighting is subdued to give it that clubby effect. As it’s about the social media age, her dancers film her on their ‘telephone’s at one point. How much more current could it get. Definitely the best one so far. But will the French public agree?

20.47 – Song 4 is called Téléphone. It’s performed by Elia.

20.45 – As with all the performers, the hosts have a little chat with him, before they ask a couple of the expert jury for their considered opinions.

20.44 – Saam has a band of dancers with him. I say dancers – all they do is move slowly whilst holding big heart-shaped balloons. Until the end that is. The song has elements of Daniel Diges’s Algo pequeñito about it. Without the stage invasion. He’s a smiley chap and interacts with both the cameras and the audience. It’s not bad, and quite catchy. It’s OK. Perhaps not a winner.

20.38 – The third song tonight is Il est où? by Saam

20.36 – Ooh, dry ice. Joan has massives chandelier behind her. Real ones, not on the backdrop. Her song could be a bit Pravi-esque in delivery. She has a vintage microphone, which lends itself to something from a bygone age. This is a decent song that demonstrates her range, and has that slightly warbly quality which does work. Whether it’s a winner is open to question. It might be a bit too Pravi-esque or too song-from-a-musical. But she gives it a darn good go.

20.31 – Song two comes from Joan. It’s called Madame.

20.27 – The duo are dressed similarly, in what look like boiler suits. It’s a decent song with a strong beat and not a bad hook either. With the backing dancers (dressed like Ghostbusters), there’s a proper stage show here. It’s one of those songs that grabs you and says ‘Vote for me’. And people just might.

20.22 – We’re straight into song one. It’s Soa, singing Seule.

20.21 – The other nine jurors include a certain Gjon’s Tears, and Élodie Guisson (co-host of JESC 2021)

20.18 – We get introduced to the jury head Jenifer.

20.16 – Our hosts Stéphane and Laurence are with Ms Pravi. She declares the show open!

20.13 – The 12 acts come on stage. One will get two weeks or so in Italy as a reward later on.

20.12 – The programme pays tribute to our friends in Ukraine.

20.11 – And it’s started! We get a retrospective of Barbara Pravi’s jaunt in Rotterdam.

France, runners-up at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest are impressing us with a national final to choose a song for the 2022 Contest in Turin in May. Twelve songs are competing for the golden ticket. Obviously, only one can win. Who will it be? A two-stage selection tonight using the gifts of public voting and an expert jury will pick the victor.

Follow our blog to see if we at Eurovision Ireland can pick a winner. Hit Refresh to see our latest thoughts.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, TV5 Monde France

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