#ICELAND: Live blog of Söngvakeppnin SF1 from 20.45 CET

#ICELAND: Live blog of Söngvakeppnin SF1 from 20.45 CET

You can follow the action HERE. All times below are GMT, which is also the same as Reykjavík time.

21.19 – Thank you for tuning in. Iceland will do the same next week with five more qualifiers. Goodnight from Eurovision Ireland

21.18 – And that’s it. Two go through. We hope you enjoyed this blog. Sid the right ones qualify for the final of Söngvakeppnin 2022? Tell us what you think.

21.15 – The next to qualify is… Ljósið by Stefán Óli

21.13 – Qualifying is… Með hækkandi sól by Sigga, Beta and Elín

21.12 – Three presenters on stage. It’s getting serious. Perhaps.

21.08 – Another ad break. It must mean we’ll get the results when we return.

21.07 – After a fourth recap, we see the presenters on stage. This means the lines have closed.

21.01 – It’s interview time – with the band that performed the cover of Is it true earlier.

20.58 – Recap Number Three.

20.57 – It’s a Green Room jam session. And what better for a jam session that Eitt lag enn?

20.51 – Interval time. It’s a cover of Is it true. Imagine the German band Kraftwerk putting their tke on it, and you’ll get the idea.

20.49 – Back, with another song recap.

20.44 – More ads. We’ll be back soon.

20.41 – Time for a recap, so Icelanders can make their informed choice and vote.

20.39 – All the performers are now safely back in the Green Room.

20.37 – Songs over, it’s back to the Green Room. There are shows are solidarity with Ukraine.

20.36 – We start with electric guitars, played by the three girls. There’s a folksy, country feeling to this song. It’s also a song that draws you in, as you’re not quite sure where it’s going to go next. A second chorus, that’s where. Having said that, it could be a song that was two minutes thirty, that’s been extended to three. It’s different, I’ll give it that.

20.31 – Straight into song five. It’s Sigga, Beta and Elín singing Með hækkandi sól

20.30 – Stefanía is very smiley. And she’s in a long yellow dress. It’s a gentle ballad that has that buildy quality about it. By the second chorus the lights are brought up. It then goes quiet for the bridge before the chorus kicks in. On the backdrops there are numerous choirs helping with the song. They can’t be on stage, surely. And we get pyros. This is good, even if it does take a while to get going. One to watch.

20.25 – Song four comes from Stefanía Svavarsdottir. It’s called Hjartað mitt

20.24 – We’ve gone avant garde now. Haffi starts in a long blue dress on, accessorised with a fan. He then disrobes to an outfit with much tassles of many colours. He then dosrobes even more into a crop top and dress. It’s very visual. The song’s beat reminds me of something from the 1980s with a slightly oriental beat. A different approach, and he has his fans in the crowd.

20.18 – Song three comes from Haffi Haff. It’s called Gía. Haffi Haff has tried before to represent his country.

20.12 – A brief ad break. Don’t go away.

20.10 – Stefán Óli is back in the Green Room now, so it’s only right we chat to him too.

20.08 – Before song 3, a host chats to Amorosis. The crowd all know their song. And Már can hit the high notes.

20.07 – Stefán starts off in darkness, accompanied by a piano. It’s not Már again. It’s a ballad with him starting singing backstage, before arriving on it in time for the chorus. He has vertical fluorescent tubes either side of him, so you’re drawn to him alone on stage. The song is not a bad little ballad. He has a great voice which suits it nicely. And it builds. Perhaps in a predicable way. But predictable can be a good thing. A decent effort

20.02 – Song two comes from Stefán Óli Magnusson. It’s called Ljósið

20.00 – We start moody, with a piano in shot played by Már. Isold is the singer. It’s a pleasant and bouncy song, maybe not unfamiliar to a 1980s contest. Bouncy is perhaps the best word, as that’s what it does. There are plenty of ‘oohs’ too. It’s potentially a safe song, and we know how safe songs do. Bit not bad all the same.

19.55 – And onto song 1. It’s called Don’t you know (Íslenska útgáfan), by Amarosis

19.53 – There’s a small Green Room in the middle of the auditorium. No barriers to separate the performers from the crowd. That’s very nice.

19.52 – Viewers in Iceland can vote by telephone or SMS/text.

19.51 – Five acts compete tonight for places in the final of Söngvakeppnin two weeks tonight on 12 March.

19.49 – Our three hosts look very dapper.

19.48 – And it’s starting…

Iceland’s broadcaster RÚV starts is search for a representative for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Through the medium of Söngvakeppnin 2022, ten acts will vie for the golden ticket, over two semi-finals and a Grand Final on Saturday 12 March.

Follow our blog, to see what we at Eurovision Ireland think of the acts performing tonight. And feel free to comment.

Author: John Stanton

Source: RÚV Iceland, Eurovision Ireland

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