#HALL OF FAME: Welcome inductees 11 and 12

#HALL OF FAME: Welcome inductees 11 and 12

Here at Eurovision Ireland, we want to celebrate those most illustrious people who have made our favourite TV show the thing that it is today.

In each edition, we’ll induct two performer or personalities from somewhere in Eurovision land. These two inductees won their respective countries’ Best of… votes.

So who’s first this time?

Sweden has produced some classics over the years, meaning Eurovision Ireland’s Best of… vote was hotly-contested. The winner may be a surprise to some of you out there. It’s not a song that won the contest. It’s not even a song from the 20th Century. But it has stood the test of time. Inductee Jan Johansen was born in 1966, and sang Se på mig for his country in 1995. He finished third in the contest in Dublin. Aside from this appearance, he’s made other attempts to represent his country, but from a Eurovision perspective this is his finest hour. Let’s welcome Jan Johansen.

The Netherlands haven’t had the smoothest of times over the years. In those early years, they racked up a number of victories. Then after 1975 came very little success until 2014. It was in this year that the Dutch picked the Common Linnets through an internal selection. They consisted mainly of Ilse DeLange and Willem Bijkerk, known professionally as Waylon. Their self-composed song Calm after the storm perhaps surprised a large number of Eurovision watchers by finishing second in the Grand Final in Copenhagen. The Common Linnets, named after the nickname for people from their part of the Netherlands, won out Best of… vote, so we’re more than happy to welcome them to our Hall of Fame.

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