#BIRTHDAY: Fərid Məmmədov from Azerbaijan is 30 today

#BIRTHDAY: Fərid Məmmədov from Azerbaijan is 30 today

Some countries seem to have an easier time at Eurovisions than others. Some will stick to their tried and tested formulae, even though they may be a little dated. Others can tap into the current mood and make the most of it. One of those successful tappers is Azerbaijan.

Our friends in Azerbaijan have seen that a combination of Greek, Swedish and Russian influence are the way to go at the moment, and have employed them to good effect. In the case of today’s birthday boy Fərid Məmmədov/Farid Mammadov, they had the tune, the good-looking performer and the polished stage show, replete with the Azeri-in-a-box. If it wasn’t for a certain songstress from the host’s neighbours, we would have been back-oo in Bakı/Baku in 2014.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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