Eurovision 2020

#UKRAINE – Go_A to sing Шум / Shum at Eurovision 2021!

Moments ago, Go_A announced on their Facebook page that the song they will sing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be Шум (or Shum to readers of the Latin alphabet)!

The band seem happy about the announcement, stating about their decision to include it in the 3 songs submitted to the jury:

Many people had asked us to take this song to Eurovision and we thought that it would be a kind of expression of attention from us to people who liked this song

They go on to say:

In early March, we will present an updated version of the song that we’re going to play in Rotterdam, as well as a music video that will be posted on official Eurovision channels.What then now? Are you ready to make some NOISE with us?

Awesome! We can’t wait to see the revamp and new video!

What do you think of Ukraine’s choice? Can it win Eurovision 2021?

Let us know what you think!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Go_A’s Facebook page
Banner Image Source: YouTube video still

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