#AtoZ: B Is For…

Welcome to Eurovision Ireland’s first ever A-Z of the Eurovision Song Contest. Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing you some alphabetical memories from everyone’s favourite Song Contest. Today, we look at B.


Eight years ago, we all descended on Baku for the 57th Eurovision Song Contest, after Azerbaijan’s first and only victory to date.

In 2012, 42 countries took part in the Contest. Armenia and Poland withdrew from the 2012 Contest, while Montenegro returned.

Loreen took victory for Sweden, with “Euphoria”. Sweden won with 372 points, 113 points ahead of Russia.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Buck’s Fizz

Buck’s Fizz are probably one of the United Kingdom’s most famous ever winners and were their fourth back in 1981, when the Contest took place in Dublin.

Buck’s Fizz took victory with their entry “Making Your Mind Up”. 136 points were enough to claim victory back in the early eighties, 4 points ahead of Germany. Buck’s Fizz recently placed 8th in the United Kingdom’s “Eurovision: Come Together” show.

Video: YouTube/escLIVEmusic1


The Bosnian language first appeared at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1964, 29 years before Bosnia & Herzegovina took part as an independent country.

Sabahudin Kurt represented Yugoslavia, with his entry “Zivot je sklopio krug”. Yugoslavia finished joint last, with just 0 points – along with Germany, Portugal and Switzerland.

Video: YouTube/JoaoVelada

Boom Bang-a-Bang

Lulu took victory for the United Kingdom, for the second time, with “Boom Bang-a-Bang”. However, this victory had to be shared. 

In 1969, there was no rules set in stone regarding tie-breaks. So because of this, Lulu had to share the title with Salome (Spain), Lenny Kuhr (The Netherlands) and Frida Boccara (France).

Video: YouTube/JoaoVelada


Bulgaria debuted at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, in Kyiv. They have participated in the Contest, but have only made the Grand Final four times.

Kristian Kostov brought Bulgaria their best result in 2017 – a 2nd place with “Beautiful Mess”. Bulgaria were awarded 615 points, 143 points behind Portugal and Salvador Sobral.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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