#AtoZ: A Is For…

Welcome to the start of Eurovision Ireland’s first ever A-Z of the Eurovision Song Contest. Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing you some alphabetical memories from everyone’s favourite Song Contest. As with all good A-Z’s, we start with A.


This year, we were all suppose to be descending on Rotterdam for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, however that was not to be. Back in 1970, Amsterdam hosted the 15th Eurovision Song Contest.

In 1970, only 12 countries took part in the Contest after the four way tie the previous year – with no rules in place to declare a single winner. Finland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden withdrew from the 1970 Contest, but were back the following year.

Dana took victory for Ireland, with “All Kinds Of Everything”. Ireland won with 32 points, 6 points ahead of the United Kingdom.

Video: YouTube/Victor Ovies


ABBA are probably one of the Contest’s most famous ever winners and were Sweden’s first back in 1974, when the Contest took place in Brighton. ABBA had tried to enter the Contest the year before, however finished in third place with “Ring Ring”, at Melodifestivalen 1973.

ABBA took victory with their entry “Waterloo”. 24 points were enough to claim victory back in the early seventies, 6 points ahead of Italy. ABBA recently topped the United Kingdom’s Eurovision Come Together show – one of the replacement programmes for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest.

Video: YouTube/mozpiano2


Arabic first appeared at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1980. It took the language 25 years to appear at the Contest, when Morocco made their one and only appearance to date.

Samira Said represented the country in their only participation, with her entry “Bitaqat hub”. Morocco finished in 18th place, with just 7 points, just 1 point ahead of Finland, who finished last.

Video: YouTube/escLIVEmusic1

“Amar pelos dois”

Salvador Sobral took victory for Portugal on their 49th attempt, with “Amar pelos dois”. To date, this winning entry has the most points ever – 758.

Due to health reasons, Salvador didn’t take part in the first couple of rehearsals and only arrived in Kyiv, in time for the Red Carpet. The Songwriter and his sister, Luisa Sobral, took his place for the earlier rehearsals.

Video: YouTube/BBC

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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