Eurovision 2020

#FILM: Riverdance – The Animated Movie

Yes, you did read that headline right. Riverdance is being turned into an animated movie this year. While details around the storyline are unclear, the official website had the following to say:

“Riverdance, the animated musical comedy will reintroduce the legendary stage show to a new generation in a way never before seen or experienced. A young Irish boy named Keegan and his Spanish friend named Moya journey into a magical world of the Megaloceros Giganteus who teach them to appreciate Riverdance as a celebration of life.”

While very little is unknown, we do know the following details. The film will be released in cinemas at some point during 2020. The Production Companies behind the animation are Aniventure, Cinesite Animations and River Productions. Eamonn Butler and Dave Rosenbaum are responsible for directing the animation.

Last November, we caught up with Eileen Kearney at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Eileen was part of the original Riverdance line-up. Relive our interview with Eileen below:

Video: YouTube/Eurovision Ireland

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: ESCXtra & Eurovision Ireland

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