#AUSTRALIA Live Blog Of Eurovision- Australia Decides 2020 #JoinUs from 10:30 CET

Good morning Europe and Good Evening Australia from the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre!

Today is time for Australia to decide its representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2020! Competing for a chance to wave the flag in Rotterdam are as follows:

  1. IOTA – Life
  2. Jordan-Ravi – Pushing Stars
  3. Jaguar Jonze – Rabbit Hole
  4. Jack Vidgen – I Am King I Am Queen
  5. Vanessa Amorosi – Lessons Of Love
  6. Diana Rouvas – Can We Make Heaven
  7. Mitch Tambo – Together
  8. Casey Donovan – Proud
  9. Montaigne – Don’t Break Me
  10. Didirri – Raw Stuff

Today’s winner will be decided by a combined jury and public vote. The jury has already voted last night and the results are kept sealed in a special envelope, but soon all we be revealed.

Until then, here is what else you need to know:

  • Commenting here – Eurovision Ireland’s own Bogdan (or Mr B)
  • You can watch the show via facebook here
  • To get the updates of this live blog, just refresh this page 😉
  • The hosts of the show: Myf Warhust and Joel Creasey


Good evening Australia, good morning Europe! Are you with us? We’re just getting ready for the show. Less than a minute now; how exciting!

It’s happening! We’re live and seeing all the contestants saying why they want to represent Australia at Eurovision Song Contest!

Of course, Kate is present to open the show with her sensational ‘Zero gravity’.

It’s feeling like a big party among friends. Who wouldn’t want to be there? Everyone singing along…

And here are our lovely hosts Myf Warhust and Joel Creasey.

Aww, so nice to hear good morning Europe! Myf and Joel are comparing Eurovision to Olympics; yes for us it is exactly that!

Now we are presented the acts and the number to vote for them. The audience is going wild. Who’s your favourite? The greatest reaction as I could hear, was for Montaigne. Interesting…

Måns  Zelmerlöw  is in the jury and Jon Ola Sand is present as well.

Back to business. The first contest of the night:

IOTA – Life

IOTA is serving us a glamorous rock-theatrical performance together with two floating musicians in the background. Vocal on point and giving his best. I don’t mind it at all. He’s performing like in a concert and no one can blame him for that. Reminds me a little bit of Robbie Williams.

Jordan-Ravi – Pushing Stars

Our youngest contestant of the night, only 19 years old. Pushing Stars got my attention from the first time I’ve heard it. I must admit though, I think tonight Jordan is a little bit nervous as I don’t feel like he’s giving his all. It needs a little bit more power. Still, I’m enjoying it. Has he given enough to stand out?

I wanted to cheekily skip the green room to sip my morning water, but could not help mentioning that little sensation Debbie, singing Kate’s song. Wow, amazing!

Don’t forget, if you are in Australia, you can already vote for your favourite.

Jaguar Jonze – Rabbit Hole

Jaguar was born in Japan and moved to Brisbane when she was seven. The song is about Jaguar’s PTSD struggle. I am excited about this song. The performance mimics the concept of the video with close shots and closed angles until she pushes the walls to free herself with music. I’m tapping my feet as this is definitely a memorable act. Do I like it? Yes, I do!

We are back in the green room with Jordan-Ravi. The camera seems to like him.

Jack Vidgen – I Am King I Am Queen

Apparently Jack composed this song especially for Eurovision, telling his story, singing about accepting yourself. Jack has an amazing voice and gives me the Motown vibes. This is another favourite of mine from tonight’s selection. I’m not convinced though about that the dancer/s in the background are needed . It felt personal and Jack hit a lot of high notes.

Vanessa Amorosi – Lessons Of Love

Time to get even more excited; it’s Amorosi time! Sorry guys, I can’t help but to love her. Starting of the floor like after a car crash, Vanessa is picking up her pieces and shows us how to be strong in an anthem-like performance. Powerful voice and great connection with the audience. This is what Eurovision is about: singing something that the audience can relate to and have a good beat. I ticked both of them on my list. It’s a Yes from me! (Ha, I was so eager to share my thoughts that I made several typos; hopefully all edited now)

Diana Rouvas – Can We Make Heaven

Diana has such a honey voice quality. I’m enjoying every single note that she is singing. A very good performance and with that the gospel vibe, Diana is taking us to church! I wasn’t a fan before, I am now. Some say the chorus is too generic, but I see myself singing-along. It’s going to be a tough tonight.

Mitch Tambo – Together

I think it is important to stay true to your heritage; that’s why I appreciate Mitch singing partially in Gamilaraay. I think Mitch is a little bit nervous as his voice is a bit off here and there. Still, I give him credit for his commitment. Good try.

Casey Donovan – Proud

Casey is truly a storyteller; and that’s a good quality to have at Eurovision. If you can touch one’s soul, you deserve my vote. Proud is presented in a classical Eurovision-like formula. I love her and her voice, but I’m not 100% convinced that this song is the right one for Rotterdam. The audience is going wild and I don’t blame them. Casey’s vocals were amazing.

Montaigne – Don’t Break Me

For the second time this morning (for me) I’m excited about the next act, as Montaigne was in my top two before the live performance. Montaigne reminds me of Marina (from Marina and The Diamonds). She is presenting us a performance spiced up with contemporary dance. I’m not sure if I like it or not and I find myself having mixed feelings. I think her vocals suffered a bit because of all those movements. I still enjoyed it, but I am left a bit confused. The public went wild though.

Didirri – Raw Stuff

From contemporary to classical: Didirri is now on the stage. No gimmicks, just him and the piano in the main focus and a beautiful violin in the background. Sometimes less is more when you want to connect with the audience. This is pleasant, but not a winner for me. I would listen to it on a rainy day, to keep me warm like a nice cup of coffee.

And that was it folks! All 10 acts have performed and there’s noting else they can do to win your vote. Have you been voting? Who’s your winner? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

I’m trying to make a top 3 in mind. From what I saw, this is what I think:

  1. Vanessa Amorosi
  2. Diana Rouvas
  3. Montaigne (hope for a better concept if she wins)

Until you vote, we’ll have the chance to hear again our lovely 2015 winner, Måns  Zelmerlöw. He said he is ready to move to Australia 😀

Australia stop voting! We will soon find out who is your winner!

Time for Dami Im to entertain us with her single ‘Marching On’. We missed you Dami! (Will she ever come back to Eurovision?)

Mans and Dami present us a duet ‘Walk With Me’

Soon we’ll find out the winner. Come on, don’t keep us waiting! Dami Im has just announced that she will compete next year for a chance to represent Australia again.

The winner of the jury is Montaigne with 52 points. Now let’s see the public votes!

And the overall winner is Montaigne with 107 points!

Congratulations Montaigne and best of luck in Rotterdam!

Thank you all for following our blog and see you soon!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland, SBS

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