Eurovision 2019

#MinskJournal: Day 7

So both the Dress Rehearsals are over on this, my seventh day in Minsk. One went particularly well, the Jury Final tonight, with a spare five minutes of running order to spare. This morning’s dress rehearsal was a completely different matter and ran over by well over 30-35 minutes.

Tomorrow is the Final of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Going into the Jury Final I had a favourite and this has since changed since the Jury Final has concluded. Whatever happens, we understand the EBU would aim for the Contest to be held in Western Europe next year – although host bidding is open to all, the winner will also have a chance, but not necessarily first refusal.

This is my last #MinskJournal of the Contest and tomorrow will feature a selection of mini tidbits. Please can I take this opportunity to thank you all for reading my coverage here in Minsk and the team’s coverage back in the United Kingdom. Enjoy our finale day coverage tomorrow!!!

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