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#LiveBlog: Second Rehearsals, Day 3- #JoinUs From 07:00GMT/08:00CET

The first rehearsals are now over, so let the second rehearsals of the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest begin! Today see’s the first ten acts take to the stage again, but in reverse order – you know the drill, join me, Richard from 08:00CET by regularly refreshing the page for all the up-to-date commentary from here in Minsk!

Refresh From 08:00CET

10:00 – 10:30 Israel

Noam Dadon has returned with a polished set of rehearsals after first taking to the stage on Tuesday. He is oozing confidence and is doing everything he can to bring this traditional Hebrew entry to it’s full potential.

In terms of production values, the lighting is as, if not more amazing. The fact that it restricts Noam to a particular position on the stage means he doesn’t have to learn a lot of choreography. 

The one thing I have picked up today is the camerawork isn’t flowing as well, but to be fair this is a quick fix.

10:30 – 11:00 Ireland

Taylor Hynes has come to the stage looking really focussed today. This high energy entry is catchy and easily sticks in your head all day long. Ireland have managed to capture the target audience the Junior Eurovision Song Contest it aims for.

The brightness of the LED projections have been slightly tamed, but it’s still bright enough to grab your attention, but not be too in your face. This Irish entry could easily make the left hand side of the scoreboard (i.e. the Top 10) and achieve their best position at the Contest yet.

11:00 – 11:30 Georgia

While I may have missed it on Tuesday or this is a new addition to the performance, Tamar Edilashvili starts off lying on the stage floor with some fantastic arm-ography. This is done on the island stage before she get’s up and moves on to the main stage.

Just like Tuesday, Tamar oozes energy and delivers a great performance. Camerawork seems to be faultless too. In fact, the camerawork has better angles which focus on the added elements given by the back projection – such as added lyrics on the high up LED screens.

11:30 – 12:00 Macedonia

Much of the same from Tuesday. Marija is very confident throughout and the camera is now angled so we see her turn on her snowflake near the ending of the performance. 

The back projection seems a lot more wintry and enhances the overall feel of the performance, with the original blue lighting still there. This is a strong entry that Macedonia can be proud of.

13:00 – 13:30 France

On Tuesday, Angelina’s performance seemed quite busy in term’s of various elements. While we still have the bench, lamp-post and ice cream cart on stage, they don’t seem to be as imposing as they were at the beginning of the week.

Angelina has a unique dance move in the routine which includes standing on one leg with the other angled up – no doubt many audience members will try to replicate this.

The routine seems to flow a lot more smoother and while I was unable to see a narrative at the beginning of the week, it is becoming more clear to me. 

France is one of the stand out performances and while we have a way to go yet, this could easily top 5 on their return after 15 years away.

13:30 – 14:00 Belarus

Daniel returns to the home stage for his second rehearsal. The one thing I’ve noticed about this already polished performance, as he moves between the various props e.g. the LED sofa, the different backing projection scenes swipe to the left like Instagram.

I feel at times, this has either been over rehearsed or Daniel and his backing dancers are trying too hard to impress. Hopefully they can scale this back slightly before the jury final and it wont be so apparent.

14:00 – 14:30 Azerbaijan

Second rehearsals sees a big costume amendment for Fidan Huseynova. Gone are the wild netting sleeves and frilly skirt ruffles – now we have a white dress with one sleeve and one off the shoulder type style. Silver leggings are still in place.

The remainder of what we saw on Tuesday as stayed in place. The performance flows nicely, as does the productions elements like the camera work

For the final run through, we have added dry-ice for the beginning of the performance. This hides the white box slightly, that she sits on. The stool that she steps up back on to the box later on in the song has been replaced by proper steps.

14:30 – 15:00 Australia

Jael has returned with “Champion” for her second rehearsals. Consistency is something we can say about Tuesday and today. Jael is however, showing more emotion through her face, rather than just her arm-ography. Her smile is infectious too and this also reflects how much Jael is enjoying this experience.

In terms of production, the lighting, camera angles and stage projections have all remained the same. A very strong stage show overall.

15:00 – 15:30 Armenia

L.E.V.O.N is back for his second rehearsals and today it was a question of polishing the performance rather than having to adapt anything. He connects well with the audience and the camera – this connection doesn’t go adrift when he plays his bugle neither.

This high energy performance should see L.E.V.O.N finish in a high position on Sunday afternoon.

15:30 – 16:00 Albania

Albania and Efi Gjika take to the stage for the final rehearsals of the day. Little has changed in the overall look of the performance – pinks, purples and a hint of blues still dominate the staging. 

It looks like the Albanian delegation have taken the opportunity to perfect the performance they put together on Tuesday and prepare themselves ready for the big dress rehearsals starting on Saturday.

A reminder of how the first rehearsals looked like can be seen below:

Video: YouTube/EBU

That is it from me today in Minsk. #JoinMe again from 07:00GMT/08:00CET tomorrow for the second day of second rehearsals, when the second half of participating countries take to the stage for the second time – this time in the reverse order of how they rehearsed yesterday. 

(EDIT from Phil@OnEurope – Hello all, just a quick pitch from me being Thunderbird 5 if you will – there has been NO YouTube coverage of the 2nd rehearsals, which I think is pretty poor from a personal point of view, and I doubt there will be any tomorrow either.  If we can find any, we will let you know!)

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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