#ESC19: Austria NOT Israel?


Our friends over at Eurovoix have reported earlier today that we could possibly see the 2019 edition. of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Austria – well that’s according to one of the 1999 Contest Producers Araleh Goldfinger.

Araleh Goldfinger explained the following after mentioning no government interference during the 1999 edition build-up:

“There is no doubt that all the statements made by political elements are not helpful, but are prompting more people in the (EBU) to make decisions and to stir up thoughts that we would not want them to. It’s rare and it almost can not happen, but I know today that there is talk in the production team.”

Both Cyprus and Austria and previously been suggested as alternative Hosts for the 2019 Contest, after finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively in Lisbon. While Cyprus have never hosted a Eurovision Song Contest (they hosted the Junior version in 2008), Austria last hosted in 2015, in Vienna.

Video: YouTube/isthisstuart

It is certainly unusual to have no confirmation on the Host Nation by this point after the Grand Final. A Host City is something we are use to waiting for though. Only time will tell where and when we will be attending next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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