Eurovision 2018

#ESC18: Day 2 – Richard Reflects


Each day, I aim to bring you a couple of highlights and lowlights from this year’s Contest here in Lisbon. What did Day 2 have to offer us?


  • Ireland produced something special. While Ryan performed, the backing dancers managed to recreate the official music video – something special considering Ryan doesn’t appear in the video himself.
  • Elina from Cyprus is Eurovision’s answer to Beyonce. Dance routines, perfect vocals and pyrotechnics just some of the positives. For what was a lower ranked song has now shot up my estimations.


  • Sorry Saara, but while you put on a show, the whole Finnish performance seems to be nothing we haven’t seen before from you in the British X-Factor.

Obviously these are just some mere snippets of what has happened today. Remember to check out are #LiveBlog everyday here LIVE from Lisbon throughout the day – where you’ll get some more detail goings-ons.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Categories: Eurovision 2018

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