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#FRANCE: Blog of the Final of Destination Eurovision! #AllAboard


It’s National Final time! And it’s a long time since we’ve been able to say that for France. After two weeks of semi-finals, the eight lucky songs are back to compete for that all important ticket to sunny Lisbon. As you know, France Télévisions gets a berth in the final, so we won’t see tonight’s song appear in a competitive atmosphere again until Saturday 12 May.

You know what to do with this blog – just click on refresh and see if you agree with me.

If you subscribe to Sky or Virgin, you should be able to watch it. Or you can follow it on Eurovision France’s Facebook page HERE.

The winner will be picked by a 50/50 combination of jury and televoting. The jury is actually from 10 European countries. But more of that later.

Will the final be a battle between the two semi-final winners – Lisandro Cuxi and Madame Monsieur? Or will someone else come through and steal it? Stay tuned to find out.

And we’re off. Are you excited? We’re getting introduced to the finalists, as if they were heading out to the ring for a boxing match. Perhaps that’s the mentality to adopt if you’re one of those being introduced.

We get introduced to the three experts Isabelle, Christophe, and Alma (FR 17). I understand she did a song or two during the warm-up for tonight’s show.

There are a host of international jurors that are introduced now. More of them later.

But enough of this, it’s time for some songs.

Louka – Mamma mia

Before his competition song, he does a little song with Maître Gims and they do a little rap duet. A nice little way to get the party started.

His proper song starts now. He’s got two dancers with him who cavort around all over the stage, and generally trying to get in on the act. He seems to be enjoying himself more than in the semi-final and it’s a better performance. He hits a few ‘interesting’ notes and as a result I still don’t think it’s a winner. The jury is polite.

21 Louka

Igit – Lisboa Jerusalem

Igit does his duet with Alain Souchon. Their styles seem very different and it shows.

The musical box tells us that the quirkiest song begins. Igit has a wooden stick puppet with him (controlled by three people) and still relies on the global backdrop. They run the risk of taking our minds off the song. However, there’s something about it which might get a few televoters picking it. The jury seem to like it too.

22 Igit

Emmy Liyana – OK ou KO

Emmy duets with Slimane. It’s a very downbeat ballad, which then goes nicely funky, that shows off some nice harmonising. And you can’t beat matching hoodies.

Emmy is still in basic black and comes out with a confident (almost aggressive) approach to this. She also has a couple of doppelgängers on stage which is a little unnerving at first. It’s almost performance art in the Loreen stylee. Is it a winner? I’m not sure. There’s lots of love from the jury.

23 Emmy

Madame Monsieur – Mercy

Rapper/R&B singer Dadju joins our only duo. There’s is an interesting duet – for starters, there’s three on stage having a jolly old time. It’s very good – probably the best thing we’ve seen tonight.

This is a very assured performance. Our duo are also in basic black, which contrasts well with Madame’s severely blonde hair. They’re on a circular red podium which looks interesting. They get the biggest reaction so far. It could be a winner tonight. The jury loves it.

24 MM

Lisandro Cuxi – Eva

Interestingly, the other likely winner is on next. Lisandro sings with Nolwenn Leroy. It’s ‘Zombie’ by the Cranberries. A challenging choice which works. This Lisandro is a man of many genres.

He means business. This is an attacking performance. He gets joined on stage by two dancers towards the end. But the interesting things is the constant teaser pictures of the mysterious Eva on thew backdrop. At the end, the femme fatale Eva appears. It’s all very polished and possibly has winner written all over it. But – was he miming?

25 Lisandro

Max Cinnamon – Ailleurs

Max has none other than Patrick Fiori wuth him. He still looks as pleased with himself as he did in 1993.The song is OK, a bit like father and son doing karaoke at an extended family gathering.

There’s flame on stage. It’s OK, because Max walks through the crowd to get to it, thus keeping it at a safe distance. He looks like he’s enjoying himself, and displaying fewer nerves than at his semi-final. He segues between French and English which sounds OK. I still think that his isn’t the strongest voice, which could be his undoing.

26 Max

Nassi – Rêve de gamin

Nassi has the Gypsy Kings & Chico with him. It’s the most-crowded the stage’s been all night. It’s different, I’ll give it that. I’m liking this duet malarky before the song that’s in competition. Maybe other broadcasters should take note…

Nassi is in crimson and has four chums on stage, dancing and gyrating about him. At points they get in his way, which isn’t good. He seems confident that he’ll do well, but I’m sure he misses his cue with the dancing in places. It doesn’t float my boat really, and despite the confidence, he’s trying too hard. It’s also too busy on stage.

27 Nassi

Malo’ – Ciao

Cats on Trees (yep, that’s right) join Malo’ for his duet. It’s offbeat, sort of like an Ed Sheeran duet for deep within an album. But it seems to suit Malo’.

Malo’ still gives this song his own personal style. Starting at the piano with a guitarist and drummer on stage for good measure. He leaves his piano for the second verse but it mysteriously keeps playing. It’s a unique stage show and is quirky with a capital ‘Q’. Enough to win? I think not. But it might steal votes from the songs that could win.

28 Malo

So what now? The voting is open for the French public to telephone and text for their favourite songs. The winner will be in Lisbon for “the perfect musical weekend”! Who knew?

Whilst the voting takes place, juror Christophe Willem takes to the stage with a ballad of his. He’s flanked by a pianist and a string quintet. No six-on-stage-rule for him.

Now we get the lovely Alma with her little Requiem. Some of us were on her flight from Kyiv back to Paris last May, when she was only good enough to fly in economy. Thankfully the dizzying backdrop of Paris has gone now.

Voting’s closed, so there’s a winner in there somewhere. Isabelle thinks it’s Malo’ with ‘Ciao’. Alma thinks it’s Nassi, Igit or Emmy Liyana. Christophe goes for Emmy Liyana too!

First, we go to the international jury. Felix (Iceland), Iveta (Armenia), Sergei (Russia), Tali (Israel), Terhi (Finland), Olga (Belarus), Ivan (Bulgaria), Reto (Switzerland), Nicola (Italy), and Christer (Sweden).

Int scores Final

On stage now is none other than Jon Ola Sand. Woo-hoo! But before the public voting results, another recap of the eight songs.

There are 420 points up for grabs, and they’ll be apportioned according to how the votes went.

Scores Final

It’s Madame Monsieur!!!

That’s all from us. Enjoy the result. Are you happy with it? Tell us what you think!


Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, France Télévisions, Facebook

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