Eurovision 2018

#GEORGIA – Ethno-jazz band IRIAO will represent Georgia in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest!

Georgia feature

GPB has announced that the group IRIAO will represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

The group will bring in May their unique style of “adorning” Georgian polyphonic singing with jazz elements.

In its initial formula, the group consists of seven members: Davit Malazonia, Davit Kavtaradze, Shalva Gelekhva, Levan Abshilava, Goerge Abashidze, Bidzina Murgulia and Mikheil Javakhishvili.

Below you can watch one of their performances.

Georgia’s first Eurovision participation was in 2007. Its highest placing was 9th twice – in 2010 and 2011.

What do you think about Georgia’s representative this year?

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Iriao’s facebook page,, Eurovision Ireland

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