Eurovision 2017

#SAN MARINO – Duet confirmed for Eurovision 2017!


A couple of months back, Eurovision Ireland reported on what appeared to be a bit of a scandal brewing in Eurovision’s smallest competitor. Then everything went suspiciously silent for many weeks, prompting rumours San Marino were going to withdraw. But hurrah! Now we have news!

The director General of SM RTV recently confirmed that two artists will be representing San Marino in Kyiv this May. Although their identities have no yet been revealed, the broadcaster has mentioned that the duo will be made up of a singer from San Marino and an international singer. No more details regarding a song, or a date for the artists’ announcement has been made yet.

You may well remember, we have a very clear idea who we’d like to see do a duet at Eurovision for San Marino… does today’s announcement mean that our dream is that much closer to coming true? As Valentina Monetta says… maybe! 😉


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovoix

Image Source: Eurovision Ireland,

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  1. So many want Valentina Monetta again except her. She moved on. And Serhat??? That was not singing – he was speaking the lyrics and he had to rerecord the lyrics because of the poor pronunciation, and they had to switch to a crappy disco version that did not match the lyrics just to make it would more amusing rather than horrifying. Yet some people want that disaster to happen again??? uh no.

    • When I spoke to her at EuroStarz in August, she didn’t completely rule out a return to Eurovision, just not any time soon. And Serhat was epic, I dare anyone to listen to that song and sit still 😉

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