#CYPRUS – Another clue from Hovig! Curiouser and curiouser!


Yesterday we reported that Cypriot Eurovision singer Hovig teased his fans about his song for May’s contest with a cryptic video posted on his Facebook page.You can read more about it here!

And today, we get our second clue! Check it out below!


Same haunting lullaby, but today’s clue is the equation g = 9.80665 m/s2 . After some research, we’ve discovered this is the formula for gravitational acceleration on Earth. Basically, it’s how fast an object falls with gravity acting upon it.

So what does this mean?! Well, it’s still to do with the name of Hovig’s entry for Kyiv and our clues are a space helmet and this formula… could it be Gravity? Free Fall? Space? Falling In Space? C’mon Mr Demirjian, I think we’re going to need some more clues!

Do you like our guesses ? Can you think of any other suggestions?

Let us know what you think!



Author: James Scanlan

Source: Facebook

Image Source: Facebook

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