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Top 250 Rundown: Was It Loreen 5 Years Running?


Well the simple answer is yes. Loreen topped the rundown compiled by and ESC Radio through readers issuing 12pts, 10pts, 8pts and so on to their top 10 favourite Eurovision Song Contest songs of all time.

Il Volo moved up to take second spot in the Top 250 after debuting in third place last year. The third place this year was taken by Sergey Lazarev with “You Are The Only One” – making it the highest placed song from the contest in Stockholm last year. Only two other entrants from the crop of 2016 made the top 10. Jamala just missed out on the top 3 by entering at number 4, while Poli Genova entered at 6 – her 2011 entry for Bulgaria dropped from 202 to 215.

Inside the Top 50

A further 10 entrants from 2016 featured in the Top 50. Amir was the highest debuting entry outside of the top 10 with J’ai Cherche – entering at position 12.

Dami Im entered at 15, Michal Szpak at 27, Iveta Mukuchyan at 31, Barei at 33, Juri Pootsmann at 43, Lighthouse X at 45, Greta Salome at 48, Zoe at 49 and just scraping in, Frans at 50. It was a surprise to see non-finalists Juri Pootsmann, Lighthouise X and Greta Salome ahead of other finalists in the chart.

Outside the Top 50

Douwe Bob just missed the Top 50 with “Slow Down” debuting in the Top 250 at 53. Justs entered at 56, while Joe and Jake entered the Top 250 with “You’re Not Alone” at 58 – the second highest ranking UK entrant on the chart, behind Katrina and the Waves who were at 46, dropping from 31 last year.

Nina Kraljic took her Croatian entry to 76, Gabriela Guncikova took the Czech Republic’s first ever entry to feature in a final to 78, Freddie entered at 94 while Laura Tesero appeared at 99.

We have to drop even further down the Top 250 before finding anymore of the gang of 2016. Hovi Star entered at 140, Jamie-Lee at 142 and Donny Montell at 143 – his 2012 entry, “Love is Blind” didn’t feature in the Top 250 this year. Francesca Michielin entered at 146 while Serhat was the last of the 2016 entries to appear with the Top 150 at position 148.

Nicky Byrne debuted his Irish entry at 166 – however the best showing this year for Ireland was none other than Johnny Logan at 84, dropping rapidly down the chart after appearing at 21 in 2015. ManuElla entered at 168 and Sanja Vucic ZAA entered at 171 – the last 2016 entry to appear within the top 200!

At 203, Ivan entered the Top 250 while Ira Losco entered at 204. These two entrants from Belarus and Malta were the only other performers to enter the Top 250! With 30 of this year’s 42 entrants appearing in the Top 250, you have to feel sorry for the 12 that sadly missed out.

Tomorrow, I’ll look at how the Eurovision Song Contest winners have faired in this year’s chart, but in the meantime, do you agree with the outcome of the Top 250 this year? The full chart can be accessed at, while we would appreciate your comments below with all your views!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: ESC Radio

Video Source: Eurovision Song Contest

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