Eurovision 2016

UK : Judge & Jury – Review of Joe & Jake’s ‘You’re Not Alone’

Joe And Jake

Joe & Jake – ‘You’re Not Alone’

The BBC has gone though a lengthy selection process to find their final 6 contestants that will fly the Union Jack in Stockholm at Eurovision.

We have our International Poll that is still open for you to vote in – SEE HERE

However the team at Eurovision Ireland thought it only fair that we give our neighbours a review of all their songs in the Final. 4 of the team have gotten together and reviewed the songs and awarded points 12/10/8/6/4/2.

To say that we differed was an understatement but that is reflected in the public poll as the leader keeps changing.

Joe & Jake – ‘You’re Not Alone’

Jennifer: As the vocal for this song kicked in and a melodic guitar line followed, I got the nagging feeling that I’d heard this somewhere before. Once the chorus kicked in, it hit me. COLDPLAY! Yes, these guys have a sound very similar to Chris Martin and Co. This could be a plus for Joe and Jake as their sound is tight and well-rehearsed. Or it could go against them if people decide they’re too similar. Who can say right now? I’m not a Coldplay fan but this song has promise. 8 Points

Elaine: I am going to go against the grain I am afraid and say this is not one of my favourites. Yes the boys can sing but this little duet did very little for me I must say. I can certainly see why they would be an attraction to some but for me this comes 5th out of 6. 4 Points

John: Quite trendy in a piano and voice sort of way. It sounds like something I’ve heard before in a UK national final but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. Does that make it formulaic? Probably. There’s a lot of repetition and I think this could be quite a challenging song to sing in a big globular venue in Sweden. It’s an OK song, but I can’t give it any more than OK. 2 Points

Garrett : When was the last time a male duo won the contest? It was 2000 and it was in Stockholm and it was the Olsen Brothers. Well meet their considerably younger and more handsome British counterparts Joe and Jake. This grabbed me from the first 20 seconds when I heard it and that is what you want from a Eurovision song. It reminds me of ‘Clocks’ from Coldplay with its key changes and musical build. The song has a start, middle and end and has plenty of hooks in it to go deep-sea fishing and catch yourself a Moby Dick or two or in this case a good few 12 Points! This has the joy of being credible to a jury stamped on it and appealing to the televoting public all the way down to their snug skinny jeans that they will no doubt be wearing! This is my pick of the 6! 12 Points

Grand Total for Joe and Jake : 26 Points out of a possible 48

How does that compare to the other 5 Acts then you can read the reviews for the songs by clicking their names


Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone

Bianca – Shine a Little Light

Dulcima – When You Go

Matthew James – A Better Man

Darline – Until Tomorrow

Karl William Lund – Miracle


Do you agree with the team’s review?

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