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SWEDEN : Live Blog of Melodifestivalen Heat 2 – #ComeTogether With Us at 20:00CET

Live Blog

Time to bring on the Schlager Stars! Yes, it’s your weekly shot of Melodifestivalen!

Yes it’s time for our LIVE ROLLING BLOG to come hurtling at you like a wind machine set to turbo!

You know the drill – follow our LIVE BLOG here for some fun and predictions on what we make of the 7 (yes 7 songs this week) songs in tonight’s show. Just REFRESH the page to get our thoughts on the main issues of the day like – like who had the slickest dance moves and snuggest costumes? Was there enough glitter? Was everyone in key!!




The show starts at 20:00 CET SHARP!

You can watch the extravaganza using the LINK HERE



Well good evening everyone, Lisa-Jayne here with my first ever LIVE BLOG at Eurovision Ireland. I’m excited and a little bit scared that my technology will let me down as we have a pretty rubbish internet connection where I live in the back of beyond! Well here goes, fingers crossed!!

Welcome everyone to the second heat of Melodifestivalen, live from the beautiful city of Malmo!

Here’s Charlotte & Gina kicking us off in the style of Velma & Roxy in Chicago, then a lovely little chat in Swedish that I didn’t understand!!


David Lindgren – We Are Your Tomorrow

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

I’m not sure that this song is going to set the world on fire, it’s pretty forgettable pop – that said there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a bit boring in my book. I’m also a little bit concerned by the number of Mans wannabe’s that are appearing across Europe at the moment – interacting with the lights and video, please stop it’s not that impressive anymore!! Sorry David, not convinced by this one!

IMG_2112 IMG_2113 IMG_2114

I do quite like the nod to the 90’s with the laser lighting, though, reminds me of my teenage years!!


Viktor och Natten – 100%

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Is it me or does this have a touch of the Daz Sampson about it? Again I’m not a big fan of this, I’m not convinced the staging, the go-go dancers and the bright yellow shoes add anything to this also quite forgettable piece of pop.

IMG_2117 IMG_2119


Molly Pettersson Hammar – Hunger

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Garrett said that he thought I looked like Molly, I take that as a huge compliment because she is completely gorgeous! I like this song, it’s got a great beat and would be at home in any self respecting disco. I like the staging, Molly and microphone and a tonne of pyrotechnics, that suits me just fine. I think Molly will be going through to the final.



Isa – I will Wait

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Definitely my favourite so far and Isa’s vocals were absolutely perfect, the song fits her voice and she performs it so well. I adore the staging of this song, the simplicity of the fabric and the clever use of lighting set the song off perfectly. Yep, I’m a fan, I’m pretty sure this is a safe bet for the final.


IMG_2133 IMG_2132

Krista Sigfrids – Falling

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Sorry Krista, it’s OK, nothing offensive just pop, but kind of pop in it’s blandest form in my opinion. We’ve definitely seen better tonight, but maybe the voting Swedes will love it, but if I had a vote I wouldn’t be voting for this one.




Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson and Uno Svennigsson – Hall mit hjarta hart

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Well Eurovision likes to get out some old rockers from time to time, and it seems that’s what Sweden have done here. Now I don’t say that disrespectfully, one of my favourite winning songs ever was ‘Rock and Roll Kids’ from Ireland in 1994. Actually Patrik, Tommy and Uno are very good, I like the song, do I think it’s going to win? No, but they did bring something other than pop to the party tonight, so thanks guys! Hey it worked for Denmark, it’s worked for Ireland so why not Sweden?!

IMG_2143 IMG_2140


Wiktoria – Save Me

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Ok, first thing it takes a brave woman to wear that suit on national television, of course Wiktoria is totally gorgeous but even so, props to you for that costume sweetie! I like this song, I think Wiktoria’s vocals are very good and you feel that the song is in safe hands with her. As for the staging, well I know I said before (and yesterday whilst Instagramming the Austrian show too) I’m loosing patience with the whole lighting/video interacting thing, but I may slightly change my mind on this one, I really like this, it’s got it’s own individuality and I approve!

IMG_2146 IMG_2145 IMG_2149



Hmmm… hard to predict, I don’t think this is the strongest group at this year’s Melodifestivalen but there are some gems in here too.

I think Isa, Wiktoria and Molly are in, probably David too…

My favourites are Isa, closely followed by Molly

And while we wait Charlotte Pirelli is back – nice dress!!


And while we are talking dresses, what the…


really Gina – ok, well, whatever!!!!!

And now the big telly jeopardy/pause wait, I don’t like the fade to black thing that they did, just tell me the results please, pretty sure this lot want to know too…


#MagicMic Award


#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design

Oh this is an easy one for me, my #magicmic award goes to the lovely Isa for on point vocals, original use of lightings, understated and beautiful staging and really as far as I am concerned the performance of the night.





Direct To Final

Amazed to find it’s David & Wiktoria, they both look pleased!!



(Sorry, that was a bit of a rubbish screen grab of Wiktoria!!)

Andra Chanson

My two faves, Molly & Isa, who had a bit of a group hug to celebrate!




Author : Lisa-Jayne Lewis

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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