Eurovision 2016

SPAIN : Barei will represent Spain at Eurovision 2016 – How do you rate their chances?


Hola Amigos – We have a winner of ‘Objetivo Eurovisión’

If you were following our Live blog from tonight then you will see that we were in for a tapas night of music from Madrid. After the Televote, National Jury and International Jury all voted it was decided that Barei with the song ‘Say yay!’ will represent Spain at Eurovision in Stockholm.

Is this the year that Spain wins the contest for a 3rd time? How do you rate the song? Let us know.

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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. Well, if I knew that I would be more then an armchair critic 😀😀at the moment it’s not clear what her message is performance wise, just s lot of feet twisting!!! If you take last years winner, the song on its own, although good, was not earth shattering. It was the staging and performance that carried it through to win. Something that team Ireland also needs to really concentrate on this year😊

  2. Say What!!!!! Can’t see this doing well and will need to have special staging/production to make it any way memorable. Spain 5 points!!!!!

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