Eurovision 2015

FRANCE : The Stunning Amina Returns With New Music and Sounds Even BETTER!

Amina and MaJiKer - 'Nour Reborn'. Photo : YouTube

Amina and MaJiKer – ‘Nour Reborn’. Photo : YouTube

FRANCE : The Stunning Amina Returns With New Music and Sounds Even BETTER!

We brought you news last year that Amina (France Eurovision 1991) had returned to the music studio with the amazing ‘North Project’ – well we are even more overjoyed to announce that Amina is back with a new EP and it is more than we expected.

Amina Annabi makes a welcome full return to the music scene with a collection of songs that are truly sensational. Amina has collaborated with the award-winning producer & beatboxer MaJiKer.

The first song that we get to hear and see is that of ‘Nour Reborn’ (feat. MaJiKer). It was co-written by Swedish-Ålandish songwriter and three-times Irish Eurovision writer Jonas Gladnikoff.


What can we say of the song?


Well a lot. This mixes contemporary RnB, Pop and Global beats. The soul infused song has echoes of Whitney Houston’s ‘It’s Not Right But It’s Ok’ produced by the RnB superstar producer Rodney Jerkins. The pulsating drum beats with Amina’s stunning vocals create an almost trance like intoxication that you get lost in. The mixture of languages are seamless and add to beautiful ambiguity of the song.

Amina and MaJiKer met in Paris which is still a melting and fusion pot of music for many singers from different backgrounds and cultures. Amina is originally from Tunisia and then came to our attention when representing France at Eurovision 1991. She drew for 1st place with her now classic song “C’est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison“.

MaJiKer is from the UK and with Amina shared a common love “for vocal experimentation and Swedish culture…they embarked on a playful sonic adventure, fusing vocal sounds from every corner of the globe with catchy melodies and organic beats to create a musical meteorite: a home-made melting pot, both deeply personal and ambitiously inventive”.

The duo have created a musical call to action for all those who like music that is transcendent, transcendent of preconceived notions of music conformity, transcendent of cultures, age and race and create something that is quintessentially unique and timeless.

Trust me when I say that once you hear this music you will be besotted with Amina all over again like we were back in 1991. Unique, joyful, captivating and utterly authentic – ‘Nour Reborn’ a breath of fresh air and you can now download/stream it HERE

Mark out of 12 – This gets a massive 12 Points and is our recommendation of the week!



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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