List : 10 Reasons why we like the Eurovision 2015 stage

Eurovision Stage for 2015. Photos : ORF

Eurovision Stage for 2015. Photos : ORF

ORF (Austrian National Broadcaster) has published pictures of how the Eurovision 2015 stage will look in Vienna this year.

We thought that rather tell you that the stage will consist of 1288 individual pillars and measures 44 metres in width, 14,3 metres in height and up to 22 metres in-depth with LED pillars that can produce vast lighting effects as can the 11 metre diameter stage floor in conjunction with the background LED wall of 22 metres wide and 8,5 metres high (oops I guess we just did) but we thought that we would give you our Top 10 list of why we like the stage!


10 reasons Why We Like The Eurovision 2015 Stage


#10 – The stage reminds me of the eye from ‘Big Brother’. We all love seeing what goes on behind the screens. Remember “we are live on tv and please do not use bad language” oh well $£&# to that! Tim Schou will be annoyed!


#9 – It’s BIG and we live by the philosophy that ‘Big is Beautiful’ – well that is what I say when I have another slice of cake!

#8 – Cake – It looks like a giant and inviting Viennese Swirl biscuit. They are my favourites.

#7 – It reminds me of one of my favourite tv shows as a kid. Does anyone (or is anyone old enough in my case) to remember ‘The Time Tunnel’. It was #FAB. The stage looks like the opening to an episode.

#6 – You know that inner child in you that wants to climb everything tall that you see? “I love to go a wandering along the mountain track and as I go I love to sing my knapsack on my back”

#5 – No need to go to the Eurovision gift shop after the concert. Just take a piece of the stage with you as a momento. There certainly enough to go around!

#4 – As a Star Trek fan the pillars on the Eurovision stage look like huge dilithium crystals. But even though they are powerful they can be dangerous. Remember what happened to Mr Spock #JustSaying

#3 – It makes X-Factor again look amateurish!

#2 – For a colour-blind fool like me I am going to be totally confused in Vienna to the point of delirium that not even Sanna Nielsen will not be able to ‘Undo’ the excitement!

#1 – The reprise of ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ will look #AMAZING on that stage #JustSaying


So what do you think of the Eurovision stage? Were you expecting a Bridge? How do you think the songs will look on the huge stage?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ORF and


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  1. I’m sorry to say, but this does look quite dreadful. Another circular stage? Really? Has that concept not been done to absolute death in recent years? It’s just beginning to smack of laziness at this point.

    I was so hoping for something special for 2015, given the anniversary that’s in it, but this is utterly disappointing stuff from ORF. Horrible, in fact.

  2. Initial thoughts are that it doesn’t appear as cavernous as some recent ESC stages – maybe intimate staging might work here as compared to the B&W…

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