Farid Mammadov returns with ‘Adıma Layıq’ – təşəkkür edirəm

Farid Mammadov - New Song 'Adıma Layıq'. Photo : Farid Mammadov Facebook

Farid Mammadov – New Song ‘Adıma Layıq’. Photo : Farid Mammadov Facebook

Farid Mammadov aka ‘The Eurovision Body’ returns with a new song ‘Adıma Layıq’ and we say “Təşəkkür Edirəm” or “Thank You” if you don’t happen to speak the language.

Farid brought Azerbaijan to 2nd place at Eurovision in 2013 with ‘Hold Me’. Today sees the long-awaited new single from the singer and it was actually worth the wait.

The man can sing and his voice is faultless on ‘Adıma Layıq’. He is becoming a Balladeer as this seems to be where his forté lies. A gentle ballad that heavily features a piano and Farid’s voice taking centre stage. The song gently meanders along and for me when he sings in his own language he connects best with the song.

This is a simple song down really well. Sometimes less is more and that is the case with Farid’s ‘Adıma Layıq’. As for the video it too is simple and just features him singing to the camera presumably looking for his love through the desert, mountains, forests and towns of Azerbaijan.

What is also worth noting is that Farid composed the music and lyrics of the song. Handsome and talented!

I like this song a lot!

What do you think?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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