Eurovision 2014

“Let’s Talk Eurovision 2014 and Beyond – Episode 2″ #BeyondESC

Have Your Say. Photo - newsomegrapevine

Have Your Say. Photo – newsomegrapevine

“Let’s Talk Eurovision 2014 and Beyond – Episode 2″

Three Eurovision Websites ( , and have teamed up to discuss all things Eurovision. Each week we will discuss topics that have an impact on the Eurovision Song Contest and debate how to continue to grow the popularity and relevance of the contest. You can watch our weekly videos here

This week we discussed .

  • Your Feedback from Episode 1
  • Sponsorship and could it be used to fund delegation costs?
  • Voting Procedure
  • Should you promote the singer of the country in the Eurovision Postcards?

We Ask You These Questions for our next show

  • If revenue from Eurovision Sponsorship could be used to fund a delegations participation costs at Eurovision?
  • If “Yes” then how could it be shared with all the countries? (See the pros and cons for this in the video)
  • How can we make the voting procedure even more exciting at Eurovision?
  • In the Eurovision Postcards should they highlight the Singer or the Country? (See what we had to say on this in the video)

How can you get involved in our weekly show?

We want to hear from YOU!

  • We want to get your opinion on what we discussed. Either mail the 3 sites, post a comment on the video, drop us a tweet or a comment on the Facebook post. You know where to find us.
  • We want you to tell us what you would like us to talk about on future shows? Remember this is your chance to have your say and like the EBU’s pan European Survey – we want to hear your points of view. .
  • Use the hashtag #BeyondESC


Get your voice heard by thousands of followers from 3 of Europe’s most read websites.

Next Google Hangout “Eurovision 2014 and Beyond – Episode 3″ will air in the new year (Details to follow)


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland, ESC Insight and escXtra

10 replies »

  1. I love your discussions 🙂

    Jesus, is satellite link really that expensive?? more than airlines? I would say like Shai and use Skype, but that can be pretty unreliable. & doesn’t the Skype icon show in the corner? & would they need a deal with Skype?? It is getting better though. So, maybe they should try it in a few years.

    Jeeze, this show went by way faster in the G+ hangout haha. I didn’t realise it was 44 mins!! Top show 🙂

  2. Hi Garrett,

    some comments about last week’s chat:

    Something Ewan said, I hope I got it right. When you were commenting about delegations that go back after they are stranded in the semi, he replied that this is not always possible when flying with low costs airlines.
    I have to say that not all places in Europe have low costs airline. It is a questions of demand, destination and if the low costs airline can execute more than 1 flight per day(something that not always possible and depends on the agreement between countries and with the EU).
    And even if the delegations do fly with low costs airline, changing the tickets will cost them less than staying extra night(s) in an hotel. I suspect that delegations are buying airline tickets that are more flexible so they can change them to their need(including if they need to extend their stay).

    Satellite link:
    If satellite link are so expensive, why not use a cheaper option like skype.All you need is good internet connection, and while the host talks with 1 country another connection is made with the next country.Wouldn’t that reduce the costs of satellite links. In the beginning it may have some problems, but it seems to be a good(and cheap) option for the satellite link.
    BTW:skype could be a could be a good sponsor for ESC. All you have to do is to put the skype logo on those video connection and they get the exposer they want.But I don’t think this will ever happen.

    Sponsorship as a way to reduce cost:
    Again something Ewan said.How do you calculate what the broadcaster get back?
    there are 2 ways of calculating this:
    In both cases, the amount from sponsorship that goes back to the broadcaster, is a fixed amount.
    1. all broadcasters get the same amount of money. In this calculation it can happen that broadcaster who pay more get back less than a broadcaster who pay less.
    2. Each broadcaster get back proportionately to what he paid. For example:If the BBC pays X amount and this amount is y% from the total participation fee, they get this y% from the sponsorship that is paid back to the participation countries.

    In short it can be done.

    Happy New Year.


    Garrett, you have pronounced my name correctly:)

  3. What about the introduction of a podium, which would enable to highlight not only the winner, but also the 2nd and 3rd positions.
    No podium was needed till 2003, as participating countries were not so many each year. But even with countries not participating this year, we still have about 38 contestants. Most of competitions (sports, Miss whatever, etc) have a podium. Why not Eurovision ? It would give further chances not to be forgotten by the general audience and would bring some consolation to the following unwinners.Winning is not everything, as they say. Lets’ show them then.

  4. #BeyondESC

    As far as the Postcard is concerned, let nations be really blatant and advertise their country as a place to visit, maybe using the singer being shown in various places there of interest…

    Voting – your example of the Dutch guys presentation would be brilliant IF every presenter stuck to that format BUT THEY WON’T! Most see it as a showreel for their presenting ‘talents’…

    For future shows, your views on the NFs as they occur would be good – obviously the Ukraine NF has just happened (my views…

  5. As I suspect that Eurovision and Football fans do not necessarily do not move in the same circles, I think that Bosnia’s first ever qualification for the World Cup in 2014 may have got the priority as far as their TV money is concerned – do I remember rightly that staging the European Championships put paid to Poland’s participation in Eurovision in 2012?

    Football takes priority over most other events, I’m afraid…

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