BELARUS : The Litesound Boys Are Back and Rocking Christmas

Litesound "Shooting Star". Photo : Litesound Youtube

Litesound “Shooting Star”. Photo : Litesound YouTube

Belarus – Minsk. What a pleasant and early Christmas gift we received this morning when those lovely gravity defying boys form Litesound (Belarus 2012) sent us a press release with their new song for Christmas “Shooting Star”. If you are looking for a welcomed release from all the bell ringing songs of this Yule Tide, then our men at “Litesound” have the perfect gift for you.

The video begins with a beautiful snow-clad house but then sees a TV and guitar being thrown out on the lawn – this is a “Real Christmas” where tensions brew between families. According to the band

“The video blends the culture of family celebration with tradition symbols of the season, a Christmas tree, winter decorations, a beaded visitor bearing gifts, while relating to international fans. The message and theme of the video or instantly recognizable but interestingly different—setting it apart from the hundreds of other ‘Chrismasy’ music videos.”

The video leaves you wanting more from the story line. Will the family make it through Christmas together or is it the end of the line?

It is not your typical Christmas song but it is a strong and catchy song from the guys at Litesound. This could reflect the addition of 2 new members to the band. Original Brothers Dmitry and Vladimir are joined by two new members Artyom and Yegor Doronkin (yes two more brothers). They are the musical family band now.

The song has an american college rock band feel to it. Strong melodies with catchy hooks make this mid tempo song a “grower” – the more you listen to it the better it sounds. What makes this even better is the fact that Vladimir Directed the video and Dmitry produced it. Talented brothers indeed.

If you want some American College Rock this Christmas – then Litesound are for you!

Шчаслівага Нараджэння ад Litesound


Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Litesound and Eurovision Ireland

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