Eurovision Finals 2013

JESC & Eurovision – Take Different Standpoint on the Contest

JESC 2013 Logo. Photograph courtesy of EBU/NTU

JESC 2013 Logo. Photograph courtesy of EBU/NTU

JESC – Junior Eurovision Song Contest – takes a different viewpoint than it’s older parent Eurovision. That seems to be the case with details announced today.

This year we saw at Eurovision, the decision by the host broadcaster SVT, to arrange the running order of the songs in the contest. The hope from SVT was to showcase each country’s performance and not have similar tempo songs back to back in the shows.

Many people have their opinions on how successful this was, but this approach appears that it will be adopted by DR next year in Copenhagen. In a somewhat surprising move today, the organisers of Junior Eurovision have announced that they will not be adopting this approach to their running order.

JESC will be a random running order where the contestants will select their placing at the opening ceremony of the contest (November 25th) in a blind draw. Executive Producer Roman Keryk said “We’re going to get the children to pick the order that they perform in. It will be a live part of the event with everyone looking on, wondering how the numbers will fall but also seeing how fair and transparent the process is.”

“Fair and Transparent” are firm words to describe the selection of the running order. Does the JESC disagree with the process adopted by SVT this year? Yes there maybe fewer countries partaking in JESC than Eurovision but should there be consistency between both contests? Is this subtly referring to the allegations made towards Eurovision this year? Either way one looks at it – there is a difference of opinion between both contests. Should DR return to the random voting order of yesteryear for Eurovision 2014?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. They generally trial new ideas for the main contest at JESC – have done in the past with the voting throughout the show and the producer-led draw as two examples. So I reckon 2014 will stick to how things were in Malmö with regards to the draw, but if this works at JESC, they will probably try and implement it after that 🙂

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