Eurovision Finals 2012

Spanish Eurovision Female Singers Return In A Blaze Of Glory

Soraya Arnelas, Photograph Courtesy of

Soraya Arnelas, Photograph Courtesy of

The past few weeks have seen former Spanish and Andorran Eurovision singers return with new songs. They are not just good songs but they are “great” songs, that it begs the question as to why RTVE have not courted them to return to Eurovision.

We showed you the new song from 2003 Spanish entrant Beth – “Ara i aquí”. You can read our review of it here but safe to say that it has Eurovision success written all over it! Then we had the 2012 Diva – Pastora Soler – return with her stunning new album which justified that her Top 10 success at Eurovision was not a flash in the pan – read here

Beth - Ara i aquí. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Beth – Ara i aquí. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Proving that “Girl Power” is still alive and kicking, Soraya (Spain 2009) and Gisela (Andorra 2008) are back, looking and sounding better than ever!

Soraya may have failed to ignite Eurovision in 2009 with her somewhat dated entry in Moscow. A lot has changed since 2009 for Soraya. She is now an independent artist and has her own record label “Valentia Records”. Her new album is entitled “Universe in Me” with the first single to be released being the sophisticated electronic dance track “Plastic”. There is nothing fake about this gem of a song. It is very reminiscent of the late 80’s and early 90’s acid jazz sound of the UK band Cold Cut, who brought Yazz and Lisa Stansfield to our attention.

With the funky saxophone beat, you are in love with this tune come the chorus of the song. Intelligent lyrics and crystal vocals – this song sung in English beats to its own drum. If this is a taste of what to expect on her new album then we are very excited here at Eurovision Ireland!

Giseal. Photograph courtesy of Gisela Facebook Page

Giseal. Photograph courtesy of Gisela Facebook Page

No matter what Eurovision themed event you go to – once people hear the opening notes of Andorra’s 2008 song “Oh Casanova” by Gisela, you can expect the dance floor to fill up as quickly as a Twitter Conversation between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor. Gisela is releasing her 6th studio album later this year and its first song is called “Sugarwood”.

“Sugarwood” may sound like an unusual and nonsensical title, but that is exactly what Gisela is singing about. Sugarwood Trees are know for having beautiful bright vibrant green leaves with stunning white and pink flowers. The leaves maybe beautifully slender but they have sharp teethed edges and should be handled with care. Gisela tells you not to “underestimate a girl” and reminds women “to think out loud”. This “Girl Power” but not the Spice Girls recipe. It would be more All Saints meeting Kylie for a good night out on the town with no men allowed.

Like in 2008, Gisela has a fashion forward style. In the video for Sugarwood there are some “revealing” costumes that she models stunningly well. There is one costume change in particular that will have you do a double take on it. Safe to say that you will not see it being worn for the “Evening Wear” section at the Miss World Contest – well not this world anyway. Somehow she makes this look stylish and less Overall this is a song that you are going to enjoy just like “Casanova”.

“Hola Señorita” – The Girls have come to play and they mean business. There is no reason why RTVE should have trouble finding an artist to fly the Spanish Flag high in Denmark.


Author/Website co-founder and Edit or in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Facebook, Eurovisionary and Eurovision Ireland

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