Eurovision Finals 2013

ROMANIA – What they did before Eurovision Fame

Cezar as Emperor Nero in Handel's Opera Agrippina. Photograph courttesy of

Cezar as Emperor Nero in Handel’s Opera Agrippina. Photograph courtesy of

One minute nobody knows your name and then you sing for 3 minutes on a Eurovision stage, and your life is changed forever. We were scrolling through the billions of Eurovision videos on YouTube and look who we came across.

Yes – our favorite Romanian Eurovision singer, Cezar! Look at him back in 2009. All fresh-faced and floppy haired. We love the caption on the tv report “Contratenorul Sexy” – and for all the English speakers that is simply “Sexy Tenor”.

Where do you interview a “Sexy Tenor” – well of course in the gym! Not just sitting on a bench, but you get Cezar to run on a treadmill and sing opera at the same time. That is exactly how I like my opera sung to me!

Not content with that, they make Cezar sing for his supper – and he loves his Italian food. However we love the live interview in the studio after the report. We all know that Cezar likes to make a statement with his fashion! Back in 2009 he coined a pretty unique phrase for his style – “Rock Baroque” – Could we love this man even more!

Now we await Cezar’s new album and work with Loreen. Until that arrives you can still download his Eurovision follow-up single – the stunning “Painful Love” here

As a little treat we found this video of Cezar performing live on Romanian Radio with the classic Nat King Cole song “When I Fall In Love”, which he says is a taste of his music to come.

Cezar you are still our Eurovision Legend!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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